Kleenex Gel Hand Sanitiser cassette 6x 1lt

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L.A. Brook Viewpoint:
The KLEENEX® Gel Hand Sanitiser is suitable for use in healthcare, schools and food processing environments and all other workplaces where there is a risk of cross contamination.
The product has been tested and is effective against a number of commonly occurring bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses that are known to be highly transmissible and can result in infections and illnesses.
Contains a high quality emollient for skin care to protect the skin against dehydration
Free of cumulating long-term active ingredients which might have an irritating or sensitizing effect on the skin. Good skin tolerance, even with long term use Dye and fragrance free formulation
Aldehyde-free, phenol-free, quaternary ammonium compound-free
Case contains 6 x 1,000ml cartridges
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